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This page is dedicated to the "Dumarest of Terra" series of books by E. C. Tubb. The series follows the adventures of Earl Dumarest as he searches the the Galaxy for his lost home... Earth. The teaser page from the first book, The Winds Of Gath, follows...


Gath is a strange world with strange potentialities.

That's why Sime brought his wife there--long dead in her coffin. That's why the Matriarch of Kund went to pick her successor. That's why the Prince of Emmened went to win either a world or a moment's pleasure.

But that is not why Dumarest came. He was simply stranded there, a traveler in Low passage without the price to get home, without even knowing where "home" was. All he could tell people was that its name was Earth, a word which meant soil to them.

Someone, however, must have known but was not telling.That someone was reluctant to let Dumarest live. But live the Earthman did, through slow-time and quick-time, through phygria assassins and laser attacks--and through the fabled Winds of Gath.


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